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Photo by Myron Mu. If you want any of these cd's, write to me at:  or click on the paypal logo   

Sax Serenade features the great Joe Henderson-Tenor Sax as well as my uncle , Si Perkoff - Keys, Harold Jones from Count Basie - Drums Geno Scaggs - Bass, Lonnie Showtime - Congas and Bongos, Gregg Douglass - Guitar, Andrew Kirby-Vocals, Bobby Riddell- Drums, Ira Kamin- Keys and Steve Weber- Bass. Recorded live in the Saloon in San Francisco and mixed by Myron Mu.

1.Soul Serenade 2.Night Train 3.Blues For Philly Joe 4.When A Man Loves A Woman 5.Mr.J 6.Angel Eyes 7. Higher & Higher 8.You Can't Sit Down

Photo by Simon Papaioannou

Let's Stay Together features Si Perkoff- Keys, Max Perkoff-Trombone, Andrew Kirby-Vocals, Lonnie Showtime - Bongos, Bobby Riddell- Drums, Ron Butkuvich- Guitar and Ray Brock- Bass. Recorded live in the Saloon in San Francisco and mixed by Myron Mu.

1.Let's Stay Together 2.What's Going On 3.My Funny Valentine 4.Jeannette's Song 5.Cold Duck Time 6.There's Something On Your Mind 7. Mister Magic

Photo by Michael Stachowicz            


Blue Fun features Rudy Stevenson- Guitar, Ernie Schmiedel- Keys, Hans Hoffman- Bass and Klaus Krueger- Drums. Recorded in Studio Mario in Berlin, recorded and mixed by Mario Fister.

1.Hot Cha 2.Move Over Rover 3.I Remember Clifford  4.Hep Cat Blues 5. When Something Is Wrong With My Baby 6.Hold On I'm Coming  7.A Change Is Gonna Come 8.Sister Sadie 9. The Ballerina 10. Blue Fun

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New postPosted: Thu Nov 06, 2003 6:12 pm    Post subject: Ben " King" Perkoff is knockin' me out ! Reply with quote

Ben sent me his latest CD " Blue Fun" and it's been in my CD player non stop!!!


Beautiful full and rich with just the right amount of funk and soul mixed with really nice tasty note choices. In my opinion Ben should be doing the same kinda gigs and getting the exposure guys like (Lenny) Pickett or even James Carter gets. He's that good and that tasty.
In the old'd call it soulful. Today soul is such a passed around term that it gets lost. But LOOK Ben IS soulful. And the overtones in his tenor have weight to them and character.

And last but not least....he did " HOT CHA"".
Ben your killin' me!W$#@%#%~$^!$^$^ WOW-
What a great version of the tune and the sound he gets is inspiring.
Check out Ben " King" Perkoff....he's someone who has the gift.