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  "When You Live in Marin" poster from a 45 single we had.    My EX-wife, Jeannette Friese Perkoff

Photo by Simon Papaioannou taken in Athens, Greece .

My buddy Mark Sowlakis- go to his web site at:     

  DiPaola Family My sister Rachel & family                             

  Ron "the Chief" Butkovich and my cousin, Max Perkoff.Max's web site:        

My Cousin David Perkoff -Website:                                                                                                               



Terry Forgette, Mark, Andrew Kirby      Uncle Si Perkoff -Website:

My dad Stuart Zane Perkoff's book cover        Hi Mom - Suzan B. Perkoff

Derrick "Big" Walker      

Article in the  SF Chronicle 1978